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Successful Marketing Strategy, Needs Video!

Entrepreneur Magazine reported that a Digital Sherpa survey found several heartening statistics for those who question whether or not implementing video as part of their content marketing strategy is worth it.

Do any of these results make video sound like a worthwhile investment? “After viewing a video, 75 percent of users check out a marketer’s website…Website visitors are 64 percent more inclined to purchase a product on an online retail site after watching a video”.

While it may require more time and effort to create a series of content marketing videos than it does to write articles or blog posts, videos are clearly one of the most effective ways to drive new business to your website. Video is more memorable, more likely to be viewed in its entirety and more likely to generate those valuable clicks and backlinks that lead customers to your website.

No content marketing strategy is complete without video. Whether you have the capabilities to handle video production in-house or need to hire outside help, the boost to your overall digital marketing and SEO success is well worth the investment.

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