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Shorter Is Better, Vid Titles That Is!

Whether you are trying to get views or make engaging content the trend remains the same for the length of titles: shorter is better.

What’s more, according to BuzzFeed’s videos, engagement per view on Facebook is at about 2.35% whereas YouTube is at 1.57%. If you’re trying to spread the word about something, Facebook is looking pretty good right about now.

Like the data on length of title vs. views, YouTube videos seem to get average engagement regardless of title length, so long as you stay under the magic 70 character limit. On Facebook, BuzzFeed actually got below average engagement with every title length except for those under 40 characters. Once the video went below 40 characters, the engagement was around 44% higher than their average engagement.

Title length is just one component of writing a great title and getting the exposure you want for your video content. There is certainly a sweet spot for YouTube around 41-70 characters and a significant benefit on Facebook for staying under 40. Keep that in mind the next time you consider trying to break the world record for longest video title.

Source: BuzzFeed Video Titles Deep-Dive: Facebook Vs. YouTube

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