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Making the "Expert You"

Create a schedule. Create the topics. Create the "EXPERT YOU"!

Create a series of short videos that will describe who you are, what you know and how your client / customer can benefit, while helping to increase your search ranking results.

Ignite Video Productions helps you to demonstrate your expertise, your organization's expertise or present topical content. We use our storytelling knowledge, provide the studio and professional staff to produce short videos to bring out the the expert in you.

Make the "Expert You”

Speak in “your own words” during a regularly scheduled studio filming date. This establishes you / your company as the expert in your field, product or service. Ignite creates a professional quality branding intro and outro for each completed video. These videos can be uploaded to your YouTube Channel, Yelp, Google + or embedded on your website.

Client motivation … “regularly scheduled studio time on a recurring basis helps provide the internal discipline to get the message out and the job done!” an Ignite client.

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